50% Wholemeal Spelt with Caputo Manitoba Ora


Baked another 50% Wholemeal Spelt this time without the Porter and a very small amount of fresh Yeast just 1/4 of a 1% 1.5g to be exact. Got things under way at 10.30am with 216g of W/M Spelt and all the water 301g plus fore mentioned 1.5g fresh yeast brought it together and set aside for 4 hours then added the 215g of Caputo Manitoba Ora white flour and 8.6g of Saunders liquid Malt mixed this on the bench by hand for 15 minutes and then allowed 15 minutes rest before adding the butter 8.6g and salt 8.6g and working it into the dough and then setting aside in a covered bowl to bulk Ferment. at 8.15 the dough was well fermented and taken so it was just over 4 and a half hours BF. the dough piece was shaped and rolled in flakey bran before being placed seam side up in a banneton it was then placed inside a plastic bag and consigned to the fridge for the night. I was up at 5.00 and cranked up the oven with the Schlemmertoph clay baker. the loaf was tipped out onto some baking paper and scored it was then slung into the hot clay baker the lid put on and consigned to the oven at 5,40am . The dough did show some sign of deflating from the scoring but when i took the lid off the clay baker at 6.05 it had sprung nicely. The bake was for 40 minutes at around 220C. I have just eaten the slices that i cut for the photo and have to say that the longer slower fermentation has contributed to a great taste. I am able to compare it to the very similar loaf i made with a small amount of Porter in it. Both great tasting loaves, Just need to do a slow all Porter loaf to cap it all off     View insights0 post reach  Like   Comment  


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