Confused about daily requirement of omega 3? : nutrition


Hey everybody!

So I don‘t really understand the guidelines for the recommended daily-intake of omega 3´s and wondered if someone could shed light on this.

I read: the recommended intake of Alpha-Linolenic (the Omega 3 in Most plant sources) is 1,3g, but this gets transformed in the body to EPA and DHA. But the „conversion rate“ of the body is not so high. And the daily recommendation of DHA and EPA is around 250-300mg.

I take algae-supplements and they have 585mg total Omega3s of which DHA are 340 and EPA are 200mg.

It’s about a third of the recommended daily intake when you take the total omega 3, but it has so much „straight available“ DHA and EPA. So could you say it covers the daily need or not?

I think it´s a bit weird because just a tablespoon of hemp- or rapeseed-Oil covers the need „total omega 3 wise“ – kinda weird when a omega 3 supplement does not.

Or is both, so DHA/EPA and Alpha-Linolenacid equally important/you have to see it as different nutrients with different daily recommandations or could the body theoretically function perfectly if it never had Alpha-Linolenacid and only direct DHA/EPA through algae/supplements/fish?

Thanks a lot for any insight!


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