Drinking raw cow’s blood like the Maasai : nutrition


So there is a curious phenomenon in East Africa where cow herders bleed their cattle without killing them. https://youtu.be/_Zs7TrRk8cs Here is a video of the process. I am curious about this phenomenon. What do you guys think?

Personally, the reason I am interested in this phenomenon is it seems like a parallel to dairy, whereby the animal can be used for nutrients without killing it. An animal living a long and healthy life without fear of slaughter would seem to me to be conducive to healthy food products. This may be analogous to why cattle slaughter is banned in India, the famous sacred cow. Less known is that India has the world’s largest dairy herd, and produces and consumes the highest amount of milk in the world. Their seemingly pointless religious practice of protecting cattle may actually lend itself to using those cattle as a source of dairy. I had always assumed the practice was mere religious superstition, but in this new light it makes a lot more sense.

What are the problems and benefits of bleeding cattle? Can it be homogenized and pasteurized like milk? Would that lead to a degradation of the liquid? (Yet one still necessary for industrial production) What would it taste like? According to wikipedia, blood is the most valuable part of a cow’s slaughter, and has similar nutrition to lean meat, being high in iron and protein. Yet in the West it seems to mostly end up turned into animal feed. What about glucose (blood sugar)? Is it a viable nutrient? What do you guys think?


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