Ferrari’s Cavallino Trattoria by Massimo Bottura


Check out the first-look images of Ferrari’s new Cavallino restaurant at their headquarters in Maranello,  Emilia Romania, with menu by Massimo Bottura.

The legendary Ferrari trattoria has been completely updated with design by India Mahdavi and a menu by Modena maestro Massimo Bottura. The much anticipated trattoria has a look and atmosphere that honours the fabled past of the world’s most famous car brand, yet playfully modernises it for a more contemporary feel.

Cavallino Ferrari Restaurant

The Wall Street Journal published images by Danilo Scarpati show cool red-accented interiors that maintain features from every decade of Ferrari’s journey and present them in a very Italian, modern format.

Bottura is a world-famous gastronomic ambassador for his home region of Emilia-Romagna, known for its “fast cars and slow food.” “When you are a kid, going to the circuit in downtown Modena and checking out all the motorcycle drivers, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maseratis…you grow up with a sense of speed in your body, in your DNA,” he says.

The Cavallino (Little Horse) trattoria holds legendary status among Ferrari aficionados and it was in the dining room that company founder Enzo Ferrari entertained his guests and clients, with every single business meeting beginning or ending with lunch or dinner. A bottle of Lambrusco was always on ice the legend goes.

Cavallino Ferrari Restaurant

“We remind you we are in Modena, but using technology we give a super touch of lightness to a very heavy cuisine,” says Bottura. “Instead of using fat we improve the taste using technique.”

Cavallino Ferrari Restaurant

On the opening menu they’ll pay subtle homage to the Ferrari family and to the history and lore of the site. A dish inspired by the maccheroncini in pink sauce that Lina Lardi, Enzo’s wife, used to serve at the family’s Sunday lunch, is in the works.

Cavallino Ferrari Restaurant

The redesign is by India Mahdavi who has kept many original features, including Enzo’s private room. “It’s an encounter between Enzo Ferrari and Massimo Bottura…two institutions meeting in the Cavallino space,” says Mahdavi.







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