Gaining Weight With My Allergies? : FoodAllergies


TW: potential eating disorder

What the title says. I’m 20, allergic to dairy, eggs & nuts (and always have been) and I desperately need to gain some weight.

I’m not sure if this subreddit will be able to help with everything I’m about to unpack here, but here we go:

Besides my allergies, I also struggle to feel hungry, mostly out of disgust for food. I really find eating horrible and would totally jump at the opportunity to never eat again. I don’t skip meals per se, but I eat 3 times a day at odd times, and I never eat until I am full because I feel like it will put me at increased risk of symptoms (thanks anxiety & past allergic reactions!). I’ve never weighed much in my life but it’s really beginning to be an issue because I’ve lost 10 lbs this summer and I only weighed 110lbs (if we’re being generous) before.

I’m aware that this all sounds like an eating disorder, and I think I am probably developing one. I’d rather feel the discomfort from hunger than face the chance of being contaminated. I will probably seek professional help for this.

Ultimately this brings me back to my original question: how can I gain weight healthily, while avoiding my allergens which restrict me from pretty much all meal supplements/protein? How can I encourage myself to like eating more?

Has anybody ever dealt with something like this and overcome it?

Any and all advice is appreciated!


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