Hot Butterscotch Pudding Poke Cake


Here we go again. A few folks on Twitter this week decided to gain some retweet capital by trotting out the familiar, “These food bloggers and the interminable STORIES before the RECIPE, am I right?! Just gimme the ingredients already” snark.

There are a lot of reasons this attitude is problematic: we spend countless hours creating recipes and can offer them to you for free precisely because our posts are long enough to include ads that pay our rent. These people are basically saying scrolling is too much payment in exchange for our labor. That’s pretty offensive.

I’ve also written about other facets of this topic: about food bloggers’ appropriate place in food media, and about how to decide if you should be using food blogs or recipe websites. But today I’m gonna make sure you understand why this critique is also misogynistic.

Hot Butterscotch Pudding Poke Cake

First, here’s what I’m not saying: I’m not saying it’s sexist to not wanna scroll through a story. People can have preferences! And they can choose what to do about them! They can still use food blogs and be irrationally annoyed, or they can use recipe websites instead to satisfy those preferences like a reasonable person. Whatev.

What’s sexist is someone publicly announcing that they think a group of overwhelmingly female content creators should shut up, get in the kitchen, and make them some pie.

To put it simply: someone not reading my words is perfectly fine. Someone asserting that I should not speak — when women are told they talk too much and have their language policed disproportionately — is not okay. To imply that it’s not appropriate for me to receive payment for the significant labor I put into providing this free service for readers? Also not okay.

Read my words or don’t, but don’t tell me I shouldn’t write them, and frankly, don’t even tell me that it’s my job to make it easier for people not to read them (no, I’m not adding a “jump to recipe” button on my blog. If that upsets people, I’ll consider a “go jump in a lake” button.)

I write about things that matter to me on a personal blog that people can choose to visit or not. I write about body image, changing my mind about significant beliefs, systemic racism, my queerness, trans rights and my faith, affirming queer kids, the #MeToo movement, dealing with difficult emotions, gun violence in schools, my grandmother, my silence. But even when I’m just writing about my donut preferences, I deserve to take up space here. This is my space. My voice belongs.

Next time you see someone cashing in on laughs because of this particular snark, I hope you’ll see how weird and inappropriate it is. They have a scrolly finger (and an X-clicky finger) just like everyone else, and they can use it without implying I shouldn’t be talking. And the other side of this coin: many, many thanks to so many of you reading this who are the choir I’m preaching to. You letting me know that my words matter to you over the years — and sharing your words with me in return — means so much to me.

Hot Butterscotch Pudding Poke Cake

And now that I’ve said what I have to say (which I always always ALWAYS will), here’s the amazing cake recipe I made you for freeee. I took my favorite moist yellow cake recipe and doused it in the Online Pastry Chef’s latest recipe for butterscotch pudding after my friend Brandy (you might know her as Nutmeg Nanny) said the combo was a childhood favorite of hers. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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