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Don’t waste any parts of the carrot with this Easy Vegan Carrot Top Pesto! This vegan pesto uses a part of the carrot you might otherwise throw away, for a no-waste recipe that is ready in 5 minutes.

This year, I have a raised bed garden for the first time ever. I don’t have a ton of outdoor space, just a small front yard that’s covered in giant agave plants. Earlier this winter, I was poking around and saw that if I pulled out a few small agave plants and one little bush, I had plenty of space to put in a 6 foot by 3 foot raised bed. So in mid-January, I did exactly that! It’s not the most beautiful raised bed in the world, but’s allowed me to do what I’ve dreamt about for years: grow my own herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

I started early in the year with a plethora of root veggies, all started from seed – radishes, beets, and of course, carrots. The radishes were harvested months ago and succession planted with more, but I waited patiently for my carrot greens to get big and bushy, until I could feel the carrot growing beneath the loamy soil.

Last week, I finally grabbed ahold of a carrot top and gently wiggled it around until a beautiful carrot shook loose from the soil. I ate a few of the carrots fresh from the garden, but I had a big pile of beautiful carrot greens, and I certainly wasn’t about to toss them straight into the compost. So what to do instead? Make a big batch of beautiful carrot top pesto!

What do carrot top greens taste like?

Carrot top greens taste pretty mild and sweet, with a little bit of a parsley flavor and a little bit of carrot flavor! Some people find them to be mildly bitter, but I haven’t experienced that. If yours have any bitterness, that flavor should be cut by the lemon and salt in this recipe.

I’ve found they don’t have a super bold flavor, which is why I love including other leafy herbs like basil or dill in the pesto as well.


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