what oil is cold pressed unsaturated fat and can be used with high heat? : nutrition


It seems everything I had thought to be true is untrue about oils and fats.

I thought unsaturated was GOOD. But it is not if it’s refined, as in canola oil. Refined oil causes scars on blood vessels => cholesterol is used repair mechanism => calcification => cardio problems.

I thought food high in cholesterol was the reason cholesterol rises but no, it’s regulated and if it rises it’s because system wants it to rise. usually it’s due to inflammation/damage somewhere.

Long story short, my research seems to indicate these are best oils/fats to use for cooking, in descending order:

  1. Unsaturated, cold-pressed, high temp compatible (???)

2a. Unsaturated, cold-pressed, not good for frying (olive oil)

2b. Saturated, good for med heat (butter)

3. Unsaturated, refined, high temp compatible (canola oil)

4. anything with trans fat (worst)

So my question is what goes on number 1?

something that is not refined but can be used for frying and cooking


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