Add new Apple TV to existing Homekit home


An accessory cannot be part of two homes at the same time.
Remember the Apple TV now has multiple user accounts of sorts so connect it to your home, but don’t sign into your accounts, she then sets up her user on Apple TV and provides her apple id, for photos etc. I don’t have access to my shared Apple TV just now, but think this is what you’re trying to do as in give her access to your home/homekit, but not your apple accounts?
& have you already allowed your sister access to your home account in the home app on iPhone/Pad?

So to summarise;

  1. if you want it as a standalone apple tv with no access to your home, only she sets it up and can’t control the accessories in your home
  2. If you want to give her access to your home kit accessories but not your apple id, set up both yours and her accounts on the apple tv, but sign out of your apple id for audio/video/purchases on the apple tv
  3. if you have family sharing set up go into your account on the iPhone/Pad & check/uncheck what others have access to.

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