Advice on how to add a t-junction to this copper water shut off on my domestic water supply. : HomeImprovement


We are adding a water conditioning system and relocating & replacing our hot water heater plus a recirculator.

Our home is from 1989 and is all copper and pvc, and since we’ll doing some more plumbing renos down the road we figured we might as well put in the work note to add a pex manifold and the like with an eye towards eventually replacing all the copper with pex as projects come and go.

Towards that end, I am wanting to branch a t junction off the water shutoff to a pex manifold connected to the conditioner and water heater, and tie the manifold back into the existing piping and add new pex as needed from then on.

So that brings us to the question of what would be the best way to add that t-junction?

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