Le Journal / La Traite des Blanches…


Le Journal / La Traite des Blanches (1899). Théophile Alexandre Steinlen (French/Swiss, 1859-1923). Poster. Printer: Imp. Charle Verneau, Paris.

“Quite a few literary works of this era first saw the light of day as installments printed in daily or weekly papers … The lure of a new sensational novel was often used to advertise the paper itself. And sensational is the word for this poster advertising installments of ‘White Slavery.’ It depicts a heartless pimp with three of his victims. One is arguing passionately for her freedom, one seems resigned to her fate, and one in utter despair.“ This is the rare, large format, uncensored version of the poster, in which the prostitute is baring her breasts. Due to the public outrage, a substitute was quickly printed with the nudity censored.

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