New Combis hard at work. : Chefit


Just a heads up, this will probably never happen to you but here we goooooo…
I used the hell out of the combis at my last job and they are bomb. The self cleaning shit…. omg it was like a new piece of equipment each week. However, I ran a combi on cleaning mode while people were in the building testing power. The power got cut mid clean and it completely zonked out the computer system. I think it ended up needing a new chip which was crazy expensive and hard for the repair dude to figure out. It was under warranty, but it threw a wrench into meal prep for the thousands of meals we produced.

The other thing about these bad boys is people don’t know how to close the doors properly and the rubber seal around the door degrades quickly. Like, it should be simple… but I had to train people because they couldn’t figure it out lol. Anyways congrats, those are purdy!

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