some amplifiers for sale: Adcom, ATI, Behringer


some amplifiers for sale: Adcom, ATI, Behringer

Here are some amps I would like to sell from my stash. I will post pics upon request. Payment via PayPal.

All prices do not include shipping. Local pickup welcome near Lansing Michigan.

Adcom GFA-2535:

These are four-channel amps rated at about 60W/90W into 8R/4R and 200W bridged into 8R. I have two of these, one with the earlier rocker-style (and more robust) front panel power switch, and the other with the later pushbutton style. The pushbutton is a little tempermental but works. Otherwise both amps work perfectly and are in good cosmetic condition. I’ve used them for DIY active loudspeaker projects, but not lately. These are un-modded. Otherwise, not much to say about them except that they are not light at around 35 lbs each. I do not have any original packaging but will pack well.

Asking $180 each.

ATI AT1502:

This is one of ATI’s first power amps I believe. Very well built and has very solid bass. Rated for 150W into 8R, and you can bridge it for 450W into 8R plus 2dB headroom. I used this to drive some dipole subs for a time, but no longer need it. Cosmetically this is in OK shape, with a few scratches but nothing serious. The LED on the power rocker switch is a bit dim. Otherwise great working condition. I have a pdf copy of the owners manual. Weight is about 40 lbs. I do not have any original packaging but will pack well.

Asking $300

Behringer NX3000 with quiet fan mod:

I have two of these on offer. I replaced the stock fan with a high static pressure, low noise Noctua fan so that they are better for use with home audio. There are dyno tests for these amps online and they have lots of power (although NOT even close to 3kW!). These were originally obtained by me as factory refurbished models, so they were checked over and made as new before I replaced the fan. I never actually used them – I had a project for them that didn’t pan out – so I am looking to find them a new home. Both are in good to very good cosmetic shape. I have the original box for one amp, and will pack the other well. They only weigh about 8 lbs!

Asking $250 each.

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