Tips & Tricks: How to Make a Hibachi Grill Anywhere


The next time you head to the great outdoors—whether a campsite, cave, or your own backyard—give this makeshift hibachi grill a try!

Our team loves [link cooking outdoors] over, or [link next to], an open fire. And whenever Grant heads out on a hike, he challenges himself to devise creative ways to cook out with *very* minimal equipment.

While hiking in the mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico, Grant set up camp in a cave. (Yes, a CAVE.) He had chicken and dry rice on hand, but no cooking equipment. With hunger setting in, he needed a simple solution to get cooking quickly.

Looking around, Grant spotted lots of shale, sandstone, and other flat rocks in sizes and shapes that were perfect for building. He collected square, rectangular, and triangular-shaped stones and then Tetris-ed them together to build an effective hibachi-style grill.

Using whatever rocks that are available to you, plus some wet sand or soil to make a mortar, you can build this grill pretty much anywhere. This hibachi hack shows that with a little resourcefulness and creativity, you can have a truly awesome cooking experience without a lot of gear and expense.

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