Tips & Tricks: Turn the Drippings in Your Sous Vide Bag into a Delicious Jus


Got juices? Just like the drippings from a delicious oven roast, the liquid that’s left over in your sous vide bag holds incredible flavor. With a little time and effort, you can turn those juices into a delicious jus.

We love making pan sauces to capture that flavorful *fond* (aka tasty brown bits) that’s left in the skillet after searing steaks or chops. This technique is similar, but we first have to cook that leftover sous vide liquid down to form a sort of fond. Then we deglaze and mount with butter. Yum!

**WHAT YOU’LL NEED:** <br>
Leftover drippings after cooking meat sous vide (ideally overnight) <br>
A [link skillet or saucepan] <br>
A [link whisk] <br>
Your favorite dark alcohol (like bourbon or whiskey), or wine, or broth <br>
Butter <br>
Lemon juice (optional)<br>

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