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Troel’s 18W/8434G00 Sealed?

Hi Guys,
I was planning to build Troel’s 18W ([url=[/url])
Flat panel and crossover V2 sealed.

I know Troels explicitly writes that have to go ported because of the high Q, and I’d say that’s right, but I suppose a sub could solve the issue.
They will be on the wall beside the TV (Stands are not an option) so the reduced bass may be a good thing.

Madisons suggests 6l sealed F3 100hz and it could work as midbass with dedicated 10″ woofer, but directly to a sub seems too high.
Winisd gives me a Q of 7.07 at 12.5l and this is the max space I can spare, so that could work.
What size would work better in your opinion? (conected to AVR, No proper DSP) should I aim at a slightly higher Q?

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