Trying to figure out a budget for our Master Bath remodel, help is appreciated. Pics and details in post. : HomeImprovement



We are currently under contract and was hoping to get an idea about the typical budget range for the renovation of this mater bath. As this will be the main focus once we settle.

Edit: we are in SE PA, Philly suburbs if that helps

We are looking to:

  • Remove the tub and replace with a small bench

  • Redo the shower to make slightly larger but in the same spot. Same stand up style

  • Replace the vanity and mirrors

  • Replace the tile

We do not need top of the line anything but more middle road if that makes sense. Good news is no walls need to be built or taken down and no plumbing needs to be moved as shower is staying. Also no new tub as we do not want one and that helps with costs. The toilet is on the left side of the tub in a ‘closet’. Would only need to redo the tile in there to match the rest.

Thoughts on the cost of this remodel? Could this be done with a $13 – $17K budget with the above info?

Thank you in advance. I have no idea on the actual costs of bathrooms remodels so it is appreciated. House is only 15 years old so I would not anticipate any major structural issues (knock on wood)

Also open to suggestions and ideas!!!

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