Vive Pro 2 Frame Spikes / Stutters [Fixed] : Vive


PC Specs:

Ryzen 9 5900X

RTX 3090 FE

32GB 4000mhz ram

Windows Version: 20H2

Vive Console Display Setting: Ultra

SteamVR SS : 100% (3096 x 3096) (…for some reason this varies not only by GPU but I swear it has changed on me between sessions even, but that’s a post for another day)

So I been testing the VP2 in various applications and games for the past day or so and while my average frame times were around what I expected for the most part, I was getting MASSIVE frame spikes (pink lines in FPSvr) in some games as often as every other frame. It was making games unplayable and nauseating even if I turned down Supersampling a lot. Even normally very performant games like Pavlov would spike pretty regularly.

Did some more experimenting this morning with a few games (The forest, DCS, Pavlov) and found the same issues but I also discovered the frame spikes completely went away when game window was not in focus. Haven’t gone back and tested on any of my other headsets to see if this was exclusive to the VP2

But after playing around with a few solutions that have given me success in the past I realized that my GPU scheduling was enabled so I turned it back off. Restarted computer and problem seems to be solved, if not dramatically improved. Hope this helps someone else that may come across this issue.

TLDR: Try Disabling “Hardware-accelerated Gpu Scheduling” in windows Graphics settings (Just search Graphics in start menu) if you are getting pink frame spike in FPSVr even when your average frame times are nominal (< 11ms)

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