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Hey all, so I’m finishing my two car detached garage for a gym and workshop, and it has been quite a process with getting permits for everything, but I finally got everything through, passed the rough electrical inspection, and will be putting in insulation over the next week. The building inspector seems… intense. He called me and did not want to approve my building permit until I gave him exact dimensions of the structure, all insulation R values (including the floor and garage door) and the type and thickness of drywall, and what kind of drywall screws. If this was a new build house, or extensive renovations for my home, I would understand, but it seems very intense for a detached two car garage. This makes me think he’s probably very serious about everything.

So, I hate my garage door. It’s insulated, but the track was installed terribly, will get in the way of drywalling, and will definitely let air leak and and out when I’m trying to air condition or heat the space. I have a 36×80 door and really don’t use the garage door part, so I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. I want to eventually frame a full wall there, with weatherproofing and windows and probably sliding doors, but I don’t have the money or time to add that to the project right now.

I’m considering just putting up a temporary wall using materials I have now, with the plan to do a legitimate wall when I can afford it later on. Problem is, I imagine this intense inspector is going to have a problem with that- he is insisting on coming for an insulation inspection first, and then a drywall inspection (is this common practice? Just seems like so much for a freaking garage!) In my state (NJ) I can replace a garage door (or “means of egress”) without a permit as long as it doesn’t change the framing or the size of door opening. Could I build two big “doors” that could technically open if necessary, but really would just be walls? What can I realistically do without a permit? I would gladly just do all this after the inspections, but I can’t do the drywall properly without taking the garage door off first, so it would have to happen before the final inspection.

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