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My existing walls are badly marred drywall with cuts, divots and outright baseball sized holes all over.

I’ve done some drywall work before so I spent time patching, mudding, sanding, patching, mudding, sanding.

And after two Saturdays spending six hours per Saturday on it, I completed one half of one of the 4 walls, and it turned out terribly. I hate drywall. I hate drywall in a humid garage. The tapes peeling and it’s messy and I suck at it and I don’t want to spend time getting better at it.

So I was gonna plywood panel the whole thing. Easy. I’ve got a circular saw, sawhorses and plenty of room to work. But plywood costs a million dollars right now and really Don’t NEED it to hang stuff on (I have a detached shop)

So FRP was my next choice. Layered right on top of the existing drywall it seemed to be the perfect choice. Waterproof, can withstand minor dings, cheap, seemed perfect. Was gonna do all walls and the ceiling. I’ve debated and been undecided on this for literally a year. I bought a single sheet to see how hard it is to cut and work with and I’m happy with

Then I saw this threadthis thread and it’s got me rethinking… Everything.

My garage has two walls insulated and shared with the building interior and two walls uninsulated facing outwards. I’m worried that if I panel the interior walls, I’ll run into the same problem as the poster in that thread mentioned. It’s Florida and it’s humid as balls here, which is also why drywall sucks in the garage.

What are your thoughts?

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