Wynn dealers ratify gaming union contract


Dealers at Wynn Las Vegas overwhelmingly ratified their first union collective bargaining agreement as members of the United Autoworkers Gaming Union.

Kanie Kastroll, a member of the UAW Wynn dealers contract negotiating committee, said Tuesday that 96 percent of eligible voters gave an affirmative response to the contract. Workers would not disclose how many votes were cast.

Representatives of Wynn Resorts did not reply to requests for comment on the new representation. Management leaders signed off on the contract and the negotiating committee recommended its approval to members. The vote occurred Saturday.

Formerly represented by the Transportation Workers Union, dealers were in the spotlight in 2006 when former CEO Steve Wynn directed dealers to share their pool of tips with their managers. Dealers filed federal court lawsuits in 2013 and 2018 to recoup lost tips.

When Matt Maddox succeeded Steve Wynn as CEO in 2018, he worked to resolve the dispute and, with the help of a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals mediator, the case was settled for $5.6 million earlier this year. About 1,000 former and current dealers who were part of the case received about $4,200 each.

A provision protecting dealers from tip sharing is a part of the three-year UAW contract, which applies to full-time dealers at Wynn and does not include dealers at Encore.

Kastroll said the three-year deal — most have terms of five to 10 years — would give employees an opportunity to seek contract amendments faster.

Other terms of the contract include a guaranteed five-day workweek with two days off that include a 60 minute-20 minute work rotation. Kastroll said most dealers have shifts of 80 minutes before taking a 20-minute break.

There’s also a requirement of union representation during corporate investigations and several layoff prevention clauses.

“Union members deserve a contract that honors and respects our long years of loyalty and excellent service,” Kastroll said. “The members have just secured that workers’ contract, and the peace of mind that comes with it, overwhelmingly.”

A previous version misspelled Kanie Kastroll.

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