7 French restaurants and their 2021 Michelin green star chefs


She knew it was impossible, but she did it anyway! This statement summarizes the career of this intrepid chef–the first double Michelin-starred vegan chef in the world-who was daring enough to create her own brand to satiate her passion for vegan cuisine. Located in Arès, near the Arcachon Basin in Southwest France, ONA (“Origine Non Animale”) is a true philosophy of life. Here you won’t find an ounce of meat or dairy, nor leather or fur products in the décor, but you will find a combination of wood, bulrush plants, and a terrace with more than 140 organic plants. Each menu, one new one per month, is created in the form of a sensory journey around organic seasonal products and powered with the imagination of a chef who likes to experiment with taste. You’ll savor a harmonious mix of the crunchy with the creamy, the raw with the cooked, the crispy with the tangy; evocative of memories of a childhood in the Drôme with journeys to Brittany. You’ll find the cuisine subtle and original and representative of her journey from an archaeologist to an organic chef!

Restaurant ONA, à Arès (External link)

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