‘MERELY STUPID’: Motorcyclist charged with speeding, drug driving


After 8.30am on Tuesday NT Police allegedly spotted the 48-year-old man failing to stop at the intersection of Bombing Rd and Winnellie Rd in Winnellie. Darwin Traffic Operations officer in charge Senior Sergeant John Ginnane said the man was driving at 78km/h in a 60km zone. He was also riding with a disqualified licence on an unregistered and uninsured bike. “He was subjected to a roadside drug test which returned a positive result and was subsequently arrested for the purpose of a secondary analysis,” Snr Sgt Ginnane said. “The secondary saliva analysis proved positive for THC.”The man was arrested and charged with not stopping at a stop sign, exceeding speeds of 16 to 30km/h over the limit and driving a motor vehicle while unlicensed.He was also charged with driving an unregistered vehicle, an uninsured vehicle and with a prohibited drug in the body.The man was later bailed. “Driving, or in this case riding with no licence, committing multiple traffic offences on an unregistered uninsured motor vehicle with illicit drugs detected in their systems,” Snr Sgt Ginnane said.“Make no mistake, these actions were not inadvertent – they were conscious, deliberate acts on the part of the motorist, and in our view that makes these actions malicious, rather than merely stupid. Our laws are in place for the sole purpose of protecting lives. “Speed kills, unregistered vehicles may not meet safety standards and driving with illicit drugs in your body impairs your capability to react and potentially save your own or someone else’s life. “If motorists make this choice, they will spend a number of hours in our watch house, followed by an appearance in court along with the sanctions they impose, and also deal with the attendant effects on their employment and standing in the community. We have no tolerance for the danger this deliberate behaviour places everyday motorists in. These people can expect to be held to account.”Get the most from your NT News digital [email protected]

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